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Our Goal is to offer the finest in complete fabric care service.

Sanitone Drycleaning

Drycleaning uses environmentally friendly solvents instead of water, to remove stains and soil from fabric. As in laundering or washing, soap must be used also. Hart's uses Sanitone soap which we believe to be the best available for Drycleaning because it not only cleans better, but brightens colors and gives fabric a softer feel.

Sizing is also used in the Drycleaning process to give more body to the fabric as well as a softer feel.

Sanitone Drycleaning follows a strict procedure of inspection, filtration , and distillation to insure the customer receives the best quality of drycleaning available.

Major clothing manufacturers recommend Sanitone Drycleaning.
For more on Drycleaning click on FAQs.


Hart's Exclusive Drapery Finishing Method

Hart's uses a machine which measures exact length, makes certain of even hemlines, and puts in soft decorator folds.

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As your drapes are brought to our Main Plant, they are:

  1. Tagged for identification
  2. Measured
  3. Pins are marked and removed
  4. Cleaned by our state of the art Drycleaning method (see drycleaning) or
  5. Wet cleaned (whichever is the better procedure)
  6. Finished by a special finishing procedure
  1. Most drapes are pressed on the reverse side
  2. Then installed in a full-length upright machine with the depth of each top pleat and seam noted on a scale at the hem.
  3. The carriage is raised and the correct depth of each pleat and seam is clamped into the corresponding position to insure straight pleats as well as the correct number of pleats.
  4. The front door is closed and as steam is introduced to relax the fabric, the carriage is slowly raised to the previously measured length.
  5. The steam is stopped and warm air enters the chamber, drying the drapes in position allowing:
  1. hemlines to be even
  2. length retained as measured and set with steam and
  3. soft-rolled decorator pleats set in.


Alterations and Tailoring Service

Hart's has three seamstresses and a tailor at four of our locations, accepting alterations and repairs from ALL LOCATIONS for your convenience.


Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding gowns are either Drycleaned, Wet Cleaned or soaked and washed by hand.

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Beverage stains may contain sugar which, if left, will discolor over time. Water and detergent will dissolve the sugar and brighten the wedding gowns. Some gowns have ornamentation which may be glued. These also should be wet cleaned.

After the gown is cleaned and pressed it is placed in a special preservation box with a form to hold the body smooth. Acid free tissue is used in the sleeves and around the gown to prevent yellowing over time.

The box is then sealed. If, however, you would like a look at the dress, we would be happy to reseal the box.

We then put the preservation box back into the original shipping container for protection.

When the gown is to be used in the future by friends or relatives, Hart's would be happy to repress the dress free of charge if original invoice is still in the box.


Suede and leather cleaning

There is no special suede and leather cleaning equipment in this area. Hart's believes in providing the finest cleaning available so, for your convenience, Hart's accepts your fine garments for professional suede and leather cleaning for Sunshine Suede and Leather in Cincinnati.

They will pick up at our two plants every Thursday morning and return the following Thursday.


Pillow Renovation

Down pillows are very expensive and many people have a special attachment to their pillow.

Hart's has the proper equipment to clean, fluff and sanitize your down pillows.

The pillow ticking (cover) is opened and the down is put into a glass enclosed compartment.

When the "pillow bar" is turned on:

  1. air moves the down around
  2. small wooden paddles turn to fluff the down. A commercial deodorizer is also used.
  3. all under an ultra violet light to sanitize the down.
  4. at the end of the process the down is blown into a new ticking which is then sewn and packaged in a plastic envelope.

Some people have a sentimental attachment to their pillow. At your request, Hart's will wash and return your ticking or reuse it with your cleaned down. We also have down that can be added if desired.


Oriental rug cleaning

In order to provide the convenience of complete one-stop fabric care service, Hart's accepts area and oriental rugs for cleaning.



You may be interested in Hart's out-of-season storage service because:

  1. You may not have the closet space
  2. You may be an out-of-town college student not wanting to transport clothes to and from your home
  3. You may just want to organize so you will know where all of your seasonal clothes are when you need them
  4. It will make sure that all of your clothes are put away clean and be freshly pressed when you need them
  5. Pay nothing until you pick your clothes up